Venture Capital / Private Equity

Caixa Capital – Sociedade de Capital de Risco, S.A., the CGD Group’s Private Equity and Venture Capital Fund Manager, is currently the Portuguese market leader in this industry, with a portfolio of 500M€.

Caixa Capital’s investment activities extends across the corporate life cycle, and aims at providing creative financing alternatives to meet the business development needs of its portfolio companies.

  • Both Caixa Capital and Caixa Desenvolvimento invest in projects with certified economic feasibility, throughout a broad range of business sectors, which present sustainable growth potential, clear competitive advantages and a well defined business strategy. It is also crucial for promoters to demonstrate strong management abilities with a relevant track record of past performance.
  • The temporary, medium term relationship with portfolio companies involves the taking of a minority interest in their equity structure, during the start-up or expansion phase of activities.
  • The objective of any Venture Capital investment is to add value to the portfolio companies involved.

Special efforts are made to develop potential synergies between portfolio companies and the CGD Group’s diverse business areas, with the intention of exploiting the inherent advantages therefrom, to the extent that they may:

  • Facilitate access to Banking, Insurance and Specialised Credit products and services
  • Permit better use of the CGD Group’s various financing solutions, which are customised, to the extent possible, to meet each portfolio company’s specific requirements
  • Provide the full range of benefits deriving from access to the CGD Group´s business contacts
  • Increase the credibility of the subsidiary company owing to its association with the CGD Group